SGe is a specialist provider of services to private and family groups / companies and entrepreneurial ventures, focusing on securing the sustainability and growth of the enterprise.

SGe provides a range of Advisory, Taxation, Structuring, and Governance services that are delivered by senior professionals and business people with experience dealing, not only with commercial issues, but also the array of issues and peculiarities faced by Private Groups, Private Companies and Entrepreneurs.

Services Intro

Our services are tailored to help meet the demands and challenges faced by private and family groups / companies and entrepreneurial ventures.

Our commitment and philosophy are underlined by:

  • A partnership approach
  • Value enhancing and enterprising solutions
  • Independent and honest advice

SGe provides a range of services with consideration to:

  • Overall health and well being of an Organisation and its extended eco-system
  • The stability, longevity and performance of each of the ventures and enterprises in which it is engaged (Enterprise Sustainability),
  • The strength of the organisational framework which supports it (Organisational Sustainability), and
  • The clarity and focus that an Organisation and its various stakeholders have on the future of the Enterprise and the level of clarity surrounding the nature of the future relationship between the stakeholders and the Organisation (Enterprise and Organisational Growth).

SGe provides advice to Private Groups, Companies and Entrepreneurial Ventures that is focused on securing the Sustainability and Growth of the Enterprise and its organisational structure.