SGe is a specialist provider of services to private and family groups / companies and entrepreneurial ventures, focusing on securing the sustainability and growth of the enterprise.

SGe provides a range of Advisory, Taxation, Structuring, and Governance services that are delivered by senior professionals and business people with experience dealing, not only with commercial issues, but also the array of issues and peculiarities faced by Private Groups, Private Companies and Entrepreneurs.

Board Representation & Governance Services

SGe provides independent Board and Committee participation for Private Groups (including subsidiaries of listed and foreign Companies) and Entrepreneurial ventures.

The range of Services delivered by SGe and the experience of our professional network allows us to provide relevant and insightful direction through the operating frameworks of both formal and advisory Boards and Committees (including Stakeholder Counsel, Investment, Due Diligence, Finance, Audit and Regulatory Committees).

  • Formulating and establishing Governance and reporting protocols and structures –Including board agendas, minutes and other board papers
  • Advising on Formal and Advisory Board composition and structures
  • Composition of governing documents, shareholder agreements and family constitutions
  • Development of Stakeholder interaction protocols
  • Development of Family Office plans and protocols
  • Board and committee representation, formal and advisory