SGe is a specialist provider of services to private and family groups / companies and entrepreneurial ventures, focusing on securing the sustainability and growth of the enterprise.

SGe provides a range of Advisory, Taxation, Structuring, and Governance services that are delivered by senior professionals and business people with experience dealing, not only with commercial issues, but also the array of issues and peculiarities faced by Private Groups, Private Companies and Entrepreneurs.

Advisory Services

SGe provides a range of Advisory Services to help you maximise, the value of your business working with you to assess your strategic options, develop a strategies or structure and/or prepare your business for a successful transaction


  • Facilitating strategic and business planning
  • Undertaking Enterprise diagnostics
  • Financial management and capital adequacy reviews
  • Assessing ability of existing enterprise and growth plans to sustain organisational structure
  • Optimising corporate, organisational and stakeholder arrangement
  • Development and implementation of funding plans (equity & debt)
  • Consideration and development of non-organic growth path options
  • Business and asset acquisition and portfolio re-balancing
  • Review and development of business models and plans
  • Risk and opportunity assessments and development of mitigation paths
  • Development and implementation of "critical path" plans
  • Financial forecasting and scenario analysis
  • Determine appropriate capital structure to meet long-term objectives.
  • Financial modelling and assessment of appropriate levels of debt


  • Advising on adequacy of organisational structure, stakeholder and related arrangements
  • Establishing Generational change protocols
  • Formulating Ownership and Managerial succession plans


  • Assist in the preparation of financial and operational information expected by buyers/investors
  • Prepare and facilitate collection of information (contracts, agreements, etc.) for a data-room
  • Identify both financial and operational items that may potentially provide issues for future owners/investors, devise strategies to mitigate these
  • Identify opportunities (sales growth or areas for improvement) for a new owner
  • Prepare an Information Memorandum
  • Prepare valuation of the business
  • Tax structuring
  • Identify potential buyers through our strong network of brokers, private equity funds, high net worth individuals and larger corporates throughout Australia and Asia
  • Co-ordinate with potential buyers (arranging site visits, management presentations, etc), co-ordinate the “dataroom” process, review offers and negotiate with buyers, valuation analysis and other financial matters