SGe is a specialist provider of services to private and family groups / companies and entrepreneurial ventures, focusing on securing the sustainability and growth of the enterprise.

SGe provides a range of Advisory, Taxation, Structuring, and Governance services that are delivered by senior professionals and business people with experience dealing, not only with commercial issues, but also the array of issues and peculiarities faced by Private Groups, Private Companies and Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial Partnerships & Services

SGe understands that as an enterprise is moving through it's establishment and growth stages the ability to access appropriate ongoing advice and assistance can be problematic. This is particularly so when cash flows may be relatively scarce or better utilised to further the advancement of the enterprise or venture and resources are stretched.

SGe recognises that this is often when input and assistance is needed most and is committed to partnering with its clients over the long term.


SGe provides a range of services which are more specifically tailored for Entrepreneurial Ventures and Enterprises which are in their establishment or growth stage.

  • Establishment of appropriate organisational frameworks, protocols and governance structures
  • Review and development of business models and plans
  • Risk and opportunity assessments and development of mitigation paths
  • Development and implementation of "critical path" plans
  • Development of Information Memorandums and Data room structures
  • Network introductions and access to industry specialists
  • Fund raising
  • Exit path planning

While SGe does take on specific engagements from time to time our preference is to take a holistic approach to our involvement with Entrepreneurial Ventures and Enterprises. This often means that we are involved in providing a broad range of support and become an integral part of the team.

In this respect we look to partner and become a true Consigliere to the Enterprise and its stakeholders.


The nature of the ventures and clients that SGe is involved often gives rise to opportunities for SGe, its affiliates and clients to become involved in certain ventures as equity participants, investors or providers of alternative funding sources.

Opportunities for equity participation are assessed through SGe's Advisory Board & Investment Committee and terms and conditions negotiated on a case by case basis.