SGe is a specialist provider of services to private and family groups / companies and entrepreneurial ventures, focusing on securing the sustainability and growth of the enterprise.

SGe provides a range of Advisory, Taxation, Structuring, and Governance services that are delivered by senior professionals and business people with experience dealing, not only with commercial issues, but also the array of issues and peculiarities faced by Private Groups, Private Companies and Entrepreneurs.


SGe works with you to assess your strategic options, develop strategies, and can help prepare your business for a successful sale, acquisition, or capital raising

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Taxation & Corporate
Structuring Services

SGe has considerable expertise in local and international Taxation matters, particularly restructuring of ownership interests

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Board Participation &
Governance Services

SGe provides independent Board and Committee participation as well as advice on organisational governance

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Partnerships & Services

SGe helps enterprises move through their growth stages, providing advice and access to the Sge eco-system

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